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6. Project Setup

The Project Setup tab allows you to start a new project, save your current project on server, load a saved project from the server or clear your project work.

Starting New Projects

Pressing the Start New Project button will open a new tab or window in your browser with an empty project. The current project stays opened. It is possible to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Saving Projects on Server

Pressing the Save Project button saves the current project on server. You cannot set or change the name of the project.
In order to load a saved project, enter its name in the Load Project input field as described below.

Loading Projects from Server

If you have a saved project in server, you can enter its name in the input field and press Load Project button. The project will open in a new tab or window in your browser.

Clearing Projects

Using these buttons you can clear certain parts of the project. There are three buttons: Clear Experimental Data, Clear Fitted Curves and Clear All. Descriptions are provided next the buttons.

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